The Archived by Victoria Schwab

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Anonymous asked: Hey Victoria! I'm really interested to know, when did you officially get into writing? Did you start when you were in college? If so, was it hard to manage/balance both studies and writing?

I started writing poetry at 13-14, and while I dabbled in some short, meandering stories, I didn’t take a serious stab at fiction until I was a sophomore in college. I wrote my first book that year, to see if I could. And YES, it was hard to balance, but I’m a firm believer in making time for things you’re serious about. I had an immense workload as a senior, but I carved out two hours every night and went to a coffee shop off campus, where I wrote THE NEAR WITCH, which became my first published book.

Well, when you wonder something, doesn’t that mean part of you wants to believe in it? I think we want to prove things, in life, more than we want to disprove them. We want to believe.

—Eliot Cardale — Vicious  (via abmaries)

On the third book in the ARCHIVED series.

Hey guys! I’m back from another set of signings, and that means another night of being asked about the third book in the ARCHIVED series. I love that my readers are so passionate, and the fact I get asked this question—will there be a third book/when will there be a third book?—means it’s time for another answering post.

Q: WILL there be a third book in the ARCHIVED series?

A: Yes. I have it fully outlined/plotted, and have every intention of writing it.

Q: WHEN will it be available?

A: I wish I could answer this right now, but I can’t. I’m HOPING the answer is in either late 2015 or 2016. But I have other obligations and deadlines and have to make sure I get those done.

Q: What FORMAT will it be available in?

A: Again, I don’t know. I can’t promise that it will release in hardcover like the first two books. I can only promise that it WILL BE AVAILABLE in some format. Those are bridges we’ll cross once it’s written.

Q: What can I do to help ensure the third books becomes a THING?

A: You’re already doing everything right. The fans of this series are so wonderful and passionate, and it’s a contagious kind of enthusiasm. Just keep loving the book, and keep being patient with me. The final chapter in Mac and Wesley’s story will come.

I patrol the Narrows.
I hunt Histories.
I return them to the Archive.
I hide who I am.
I fight with the dead.
I lie to the living.
I am alone.

—MacKenzie and Wesley - The Archived (via abmaries)

Help / Signal Boost?


Most of you guys heard through twitter and fb, but yesterday my left eye basically stopped blinking. When I smiled, only the right side of my mouth moved. Needless to say, it was pretty terrifying. When I got to the Emergency Room, they diagnosed Bell’s Palsy, but had to rule out a stroke because…

Putting a Price Tag on Book Events


Periodically, I get the question: “Why don’t you come to my area and do a book signing?”

Look, I love book signings. Love, love, love. Interacting with readers is one of the best parts of my job. And I love bookstores. They’re my happy place. 

But I also love paying my mortgage. 

Let’s look at how much a bookstore event costs me—at the bare minimum. 

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Anonymous asked: For ALA Las Vegas, are you going to be in the same booth at the same time every day? I am excited to meet you!

No! I’m going to be all over the place!

On Saturday, I’ll be signing THE UNBOUND in the Disney*Hyperion booth (#603) from 10:30-11:30am.

That afternoon, I’ll be on the Tor SF panel with Jo Walton, Wen Spencer, Terry Goodkind, and Douglas Preston in room S233 from 4:30-5:30pm.

On Sunday morning I’ll be speaking at the Literary Tastes brunch in room N258 from 8-10am).

After that, I’ll be signing VICIOUS in the Tor booth (#532) from 11-11:30am.